Mainline High Impact Pop Ups




Made using ingredients of the highest quality, the Mainline High Impact range of pop-ups provide the angler with reliably buoyant hookbaits to suit a multitude of rig presentations.
By utilising the same exclusive liquid additives used throughout the High Impact range of bait, these pop-ups can not only be used in conjunction with matching boilies, but can also be used as a high-attract hookbait in a number of other fishing situations such as single hookbait fishing.


Available in 250ml tubs:

NEW Choc-O
NEW Fruity Tuna
Salty Squid Essential IB
Spicy Crab
High Leakage Pineapple 
Diamond Whites 


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Spicy Crab, Fruity Tuna, Banoffee, Essential IB


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