Korda 60lb 25th Anniversary Scales


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These are the ultimate scales for accurately weighing any carp that you catch at home or abroad, with 60lb x 2oz division or 120lb x 4oz division versions available. The body and lens are both constructed from strong polycarbonate plastic and is designed so that it doesn’t scratch easily. They are made to a very high specification for us by Reuben Heaton and are corrosion resistant, as well as featuring a stainless steel weighing hook and hanging point. These scales are very easy to zero via a knurled knob at the top, and a single revolution of the dial means that it is impossible to mis-read them – a hi-viz pointer needle helps in lower light conditions. A limited addition 25thAnniversary 60lb x1oz division set of scales is also available with this model having a dual revolution dial, as well as Enhanced Vision System, which makes them easier to read in any light level. Plus there is a 120lb/4oz division Gigantica version as well.


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