Essential Baits Shellfish B5 Corker Pop Ups




Shellfish B5 Pop-ups 

By far our most popular selling Pop-up. Made with exactly the same ingredients as the Shellfish B5 boilies and include Shellfish Plum, Red Salmon Oil, Fruit Factor 6 and GLM extract. Most experienced carp anglers recognise the big fish pulling powers of the B5 and very few carp (if any!) can resist the temptation of a B5 pop-up!

The smaller 12mm size are ideal for snowman type presentations in conjunction with a 16mm bottom bait and don’t forget, unlike pop-ups made with cork balls, these Corker pop-ups can be trimmed with braid scissors to balance your rig to the perfect buoyancy required over silt or weed – awesome!  Perfect for all modern day rig presentations. Available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes.

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12mm, 16mm, 20mm


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