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We class the new K5 as a ‘sister bait’ to the incredible Shellfish B5, simply because it’s built upon the same high quality food values as the B5, but with a number of subtle differences. It is still contains all the nutritional values of a high quality fishmeal formulation and is a classic all season food bait. Among the changes, the Robin Red has been removed and replaced with a higher level of krill meal (hence the ‘K’) and the sweet/fruity attractors of the B5 have been replaced with our Antarctic Krill concentrate and squid powder to give the finished bait a lovely ‘krill/fish’ aromatic profile that spells FOOD!

As with the B5, the new K5 has a high level of crustacean extracts to retain its crunchy-like texture, which greatly imitates much of the carps’ natural food and makes it different to so many other baits – remember, carp love to crunch!

The bait needs no introduction whatsoever and will catch straight from the off. In a nutshell, the K5 is extremely attractive, highly digestible and is set to be an absolute winner on any venue. After all, what else would you expect from the Essential stable after nearly 40 years of cutting-edge bait development.

Attractor Profile… Antarctic Krill, Squid-Stim, Betaine, GLM and Red Salmon Oil.

Digestibility status = All-season. 

Available in 16mm, 20mm and Barrels (see below for 12mm)

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16mm, 20mm, Barrels


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