Breakaway Adjustable Crimps


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As the saying go all good things comes to those who wait, at long last the black crimps have arrived from China and we can now start distributing this extreamly popular item.
Crimps plus tapered pieces of pre-formed rubber. Push rubber through crimp to the shoulder and cut off surplus,Insert line upto 80 lb slide into position and crimp to desired friction. This does not damage line and allows hook changes without new trace lengths prolongs the life of rigs indefinetly.
The picture is of my pennel rig using an adjustable crimp easy to make much more positive than using silicone tubing or whip finish knots infinitely adjustable for a variety of baits from large lugworm to whole squid or fish. dont over crimp. this particlar pennel is being used for fishing hard shore crabs for smoothounds ect


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