Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon


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“Choice of the pros for nearly 10 years! Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is the “XT” of professional-grade fluorocarbons.”

The process which the fluoro is made ensures great shock strength, abration resistance and knot strength. Faster sinking with greater line density, higher sensitivity and less bow. This allows the angler to feel more bites and more contact with the fish meaning more fish on the bbank.

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10lb/0.30mm, 12lb/0.33mm, 12lb/0.33mm -1100yd, 15lb/0.38mm, 15lb/0.38mm -770yd, 17lb/0.41mm, 20lb/0.43mm, 25lb/0.48mm, 4lb/0.18mm, 6lb/0.25mm, 8lb/0.28mm


110yd, 200yd, Bulk


110yd, 110yd, 110yd, 110yd, 110yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, 200yd, Bulk, Bulk, 4lb/0.18mm, 6lb/0.25mm, 8lb/0.28mm, 10lb/0.30mm, 12lb/0.33mm, 15lb/0.38mm, 17lb/0.41mm, 20lb/0.43mm, 25lb/0.48mm, 12lb/0.33mm -1100yd, 15lb/0.38mm -770yd


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