Fishing Rods

Lonis offers a diverse range of fishing rods, from brands such as Colmic and Drennan. We offer these rods at the best possible price. And sell a variety of accessories to match.

All the fishing rods we have for sale are selected by the team at Loni’s guided by our strict criteria; will it do the job? Is it well made relative to the price? Is the price correct? Can we sell something better for the same or less? We will not simply offer the latest fishing rod for sale unless we feel our anglers will get a capable rod and the correct price.

The Loni’s team believes there is no such thing as a bad rod but we will endeavor to supply the best rod for your budget and capability, whether that is the top of the range float rod such as the Drennan-Acolyte or one of our value starter sets for beach fishing Beach Combo

As always with Loni’s we also like to hear from the anglers and will research any rod you may think be a better option as even we cannot sample all the fishing rods that are for sale on todays market.

Fishing Rods

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